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Before coming to Private Tuition Services, I used to get level 5’s and 6’s in both English Literature and English Language. However after coming to PTS, I have been able to achieve a level 7 in both English literature and English Language for my GCSE mock exams. The most surprising thing is that I have been able to achieve this after only coming to PTS for 2 months. This is because at PTS, the classes are more one-to-one than at school. As a result, the teachers in PTS can focus more at your work than in school and help you develop and improve at a quicker rate. After coming regularly to PTS, I have become more confident in English as I am able to tackle the questions more easily. Here, the lessons are more entertaining and interesting and you will feel the 2 hours fly past.

- Chancel

I feel more confident using the P.E.E.D structure which I learnt at private tuition. I believe that when I write, it is more structured and developed.

- Selywn Baskaran

Handsworth Grammar School

Since I have been coming to Mr. Chawdry's tutor sessions, my levels have rapidly improved throughout all of my classes. I have learnt an extensive amount of vocabulary, exam structure techniques and higher GCSE maths equations to help me through year 10 and all my exams. I'm really happy that I now know I am in the top set for both English and Maths, thank you Mr. Chawdry.

- Grace Adams

Earls High School

Since I began tuition with Mr. Chawdry, I have been improving constantly, this is because Mr. Chawdry has faith in all his students and pushes them to their max. He provides all resources and textbooks for our benefit. He helps you when you struggle and explains everything immaculately. I can tell I have been improving due to exam results and projects - from being projected a level 5/6 last year, I am now projected a level 7/8 for GCSE. Thank you Mr. Chawdry.

- Joel Joseph

King Edward VI Five Ways Grammar School

I just wanted to share some good news, Asma got her results today and she's done well. King Edward School's qualifying score is 205 for 2018 entry, Asma's score is 212. Queen Mary's qualifying score is 314 for 2017 entry and Asma's score is 339. We are so happy for her, thank you for your efforts and contributions!

-Nasreen Mahmood

Thanks for your patience and unconditional support you have shown to Anesha. Heartfelt best wishes.


Thank you ever so much for helping me with my tuition. It has helped a big deal and will forever be grateful!


-Anesha & Parents

My teacher in English told me and my mum I knew more about Macbeth than anyone else in the class. This is because of the weekly help I got from PTS.

-Jayden Shwan

South Wolverhampton & Bilston Academy

By going to PTS, I have gained confidence in my English skills, as reflected by an 'A' grade in the recent Exam in school.

-Jazib Ahmad

The Crypt School

This time last year I was getting a grade 'C' for English but was falling back to a 'D'. A few days ago in my mock exam I achieved a 'B' grade in English Literature and I am really pleased!


Perryfields High School

"I am therefore delighted to tell you that Lailah's poem It's Christmas! has been chosen for publication in a book showcasing young writers' work called Wintertime Rhymes - Festive Favourites. The poems are selected based on imagination, creativity and use of language." - From the Young Writers Association

-Laila Jabeen

King Edward VI Handsworth School For Girls

I have been coming to Private Tuition Services for 3 years and have been learning maths. I am now in the top set at my school and feel much more confident in Maths!

- Harsimran Kang

Lordswood Girls School

Calvin got an 'A' in English language and an A* in English literature. 9A*'s in total and 2 A's. It was your help that gave him this achievement, thank you for your valuable support.

- Calvin Robinson

Bishop Challoner College

I enjoy coming to Private Tuition Services because I have improved so much. I have moved to the top group in Maths and learnt about fractions, multiplication and division. My handwriting is also much better and my spellings and punctuation have improved as well. I really enjoy coming to tuition!

- Isa Shamraze

City Road Primary Academy

I know it has been some time but I would like to personally thank you for all the hard work you have put into helping me with my education. I recently got my A2 results where I gained AAB - one of the A's being in English which I could never have done without your help. Thank you so much and I hope that you and Miss are both doing really well. I am now going to the University of Kent to study Law with Spanish and a minor in politics. Thank you again for everything you have done, I truly appreciate it.

- Tiahna Hughes

University Of Kent

I have moved up in my Maths group since coming Private Tuition Services and also feel much more confident! I went from middle to the very top in Maths. I have only been coming for 6 months and the teachers here explain the work properly when I don't understand the question.

- Luka Ferguson

Kings Norton Primary School

Since I have come to Private Tuition Services I have improved in everything. My spelling, Maths and English have all improved. I enjoy coming to tuition because I learn new things every time I come. My brother also comes to tuition and now we both have moved to the top group in Maths in school!

- Shuayb Shamraze

City Road Primary Academy 

I have started recently and I am beginning to show an improvement in Maths and English. By learning harder algebra as well as analysing and commenting on GCSE texts, my two hour lesson does not feel like two hours!

- Sam Ofori-Adjei

Bartley Green School

I got 73/80 in my Math mock exam thanks to Private Tuition Services and my mum and dad are really pleased with the progress I have made since coming here. Private Tuition Services has helped me improve my basic skills in Maths and English, whilst also making learning fun by using laptops and videos to help us.

- Anesha Low

Earls High School

Before I came to Private Tuition Services, I needed extra help on my English, but now I have made huge progress and it is all thanks to Private Tuition Services. I have been coming here for a couple of months now and I can see the improvements I have made during this time. I recently got an "A*" for my English exam, which my mum was very pleased about!

- Jamal Ahmed

Handsworth Grammar School

I have been coming to Private Tuition Services for roughly two years and I have improved so much in both Maths and English. In school, I was in the middle sets of classes but with Private Tuition Services help, I am now in the top sets. First, I couldn't understand or explain, but now, as well as doing the task myself, I can explain and help somebody else as well. Now I am studying Macbeth having previously studied quite a few books with Private Tuition Services. They have also helped me understand algebra as in the past I could never understand it! If it wasn't for Private Tuition Services I would not be in the top sets at my school.

- Mohammed Mehrag

Lordswood Academy

I've been coming to Private Tuition Services for quite a long time now and when I started, I struggled in my Maths and English. But since I have been coming here regularly, my school has now put me on higher Maths and English. I studied the Christmas Carol with Private Tuition Services and when I first studied it at school, I struggled. With Private Tuition Services help however, I now understand how to answer the questions related to it.

- Ibraheem Akram

Oldbury Academy

I only started at Private Tuition Services a month ago, for English. My end of year English exam results had showed me that I got an "A" grade. I could not believe it because I have not achieved an "A" grade before!

I also got a 'Grade 6' for my English Language assessment. I was really pleased as it was the highest in my year group at the Lordswood Academy. Without PTS, I would have never got this grade. My mum is really happy!

- Yaaseen Baksh

           Lordswood Academy

Attending Private Tuition Services has really improved my English grades and I know I am always improving in English. In my GCSE mock exam, I received an "A*" grade for my "An Inspector Calls" essay. I am glad that I came here and in only 6 months, Private Tuition Services has boosted my confidence in English. Now I know how to answer any question because of the various techniques that I have learnt.

Coming to PTS for over a year, I have clearly seen the improvement I have made in my English Language and Literature. Coming here, has opened up my senses and has built up my confidence in approaching challenging tasks. I was happy to learn that I received a grade 8 in both my English Language and Literature during my mock exams. I aspire to achieve a grade 9 in my GCSEs for English.

After completing my exams for my GCSE's, I received an A* for both English literature and language, thanks to PTS and their continued help!

- Laiba Shah

St Pauls Girls School


Thank you for a wonderful year of learning, and thank you for the confidence you instilled in Hanna!


- Hanna's Mum

Year 2

I started coming to PTS in year 4 and didn't leave until year 6. This shows how much I enjoyed their lessons. I always felt that I was learning something new, and I was always pushed and challenged to do even better. I am glad to say that the hard work and effort that that the tutors put into me helped me get into Queen Mary's Grammar School!

  - Sevak Singh

Queen Mary's Grammar School

The tutors at Private Tuition Services were really friendly and caring. I really loved going because the teachers explain things very well. They helped me get into King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Girls, my first choice!

  - Anam Ahmedi

King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Girls

The tutoring I received from PTS was extremely worthwhile to pass the eleven plus exam. Their friendly, warm and approachable nature helped me to grasp the important techniques I required to get through the exam. The skills I developed have also helped me handle the workloads of secondary school - being organised, prepared and disciplined.

Thank you PTS - you made the difference!

- Dilpreet Kang

Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls