Below are some frequently asked questions

Q: How many children are there in your classes?

A: The class sizes are small and range from 5-8 children per class. This size of class enables effective teaching , student interaction and study as well as encouraging discussion and exploration of ideas and concepts.

Q: How long are the lessons?

A: Lessons are two hours . This gives the tutor and the student time to study and absorb information  develop skills and tackle difficult questions without running out of time. 

Q: How much do you charge per lesson?

A: The charges are £25 for two hours for Grammar School Preparation & English & Maths.

The charges are £30 for two hours for GCSE Maths or English. 


Q: How do you monitor progress?

A: Monitoring is completed on a weekly basis that includes marking of homework , weekly explanation and feedback to the student and setting of further work , for the coming week , to embed key skills and concepts.

In addition to this , there is a feedback to parents whenever it is required and a more formal session    ( with examples of completed work & scores / performance ) every 6-8 weeks. 

Monitoring and the tracking of student work is an essential part of raising confidence , raising performance and re-assuring parents that their child is on the right track. 

Q: Do you set homework?

A: Homework is set every week. Depending on individual circumstances , work can be set for every day of the week or for a few days per week. GCSE students tend to have a heavy weekly workload from school and so any homework given will be to support and complement the student's school work.  

Due to the intensity of the Grammar Preparation Programme , students will need to complete their homework and tests on a regular basis.

Q: Do I have to pay if my child misses a lesson?

A: No - just let us know at least a day beforehand , by email or text , that your child is unable to attend .    

Q: Can I sample some of your material?

A: Yes of course ! Please have a look at the courses page. You can also purchase some of our material at our shop.